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Marine Contractor Serving the Lakes Region Since 1990

We are a full-line marine contractor serving the Lakes Region of New Hampshire since 1990. We offer a complete range of shorefront construction services. All of our equipment is mobile and we can perform on any New Hampshire lake.


Our complete team of experts provides the only full service marine construction company in New Hampshire. From design and permitting to finished construction or installation, Watermark Marine operations cannot be matched.


We have made a significant commitment in state-of-the-art equipment to better serve our customers. Driven to deliver the most efficient service possible, we operate a push boat providing the most time saving propulsion for our larger barges. Additionally, we have a TOWTEM® rotating grapple and hydraulic pile driver. We have the most effective operational construction equipment in the Lakes Region today, ultimately saving on time and money for more complex projects.


Remember, often the hardest part of the project is getting the permits… PLAN AHEAD!!!

From design to permitting to completion of construction, the Watermark Marine team of experts are here to explain, guide, and help customers plan ahead.


Depending on the vision you have for your dream waterfront, planning, permitting, and scheduling a project can take time, so patience, understanding, and cooperation are required to get through the process. Each project is assigned to one dedicated project manager to bring some ease to this process.


We encourage you to visit our portfolio to see a sample of a few types of projects we regularly work on. If it’s on or near the water, Watermark Marine can do it! If you wish to see more of our work, please let use know.


Your Dream Waterfront Starts Here!

Not sure where to begin?

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