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Breakwater Construction in New Hampshire


Rock breakwaters are allowed on Lake Winnipesaukee under certain conditions. In fact, New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services Wetlands Bureau publishes a chart that indicates where breakwater construction is readily permitable. In other areas, property owners can submit applications proving wave action to a specific set of criteria.


Call Watermark Marine today to determine the feasibility of a breakwater for your site!

We also offer breakwater repair services, and our Towtem® Clamshell makes most projects reasonably efficient and cost effective.


Breakwaters are limited to 50-foot extensions from shore by both the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, so planning and design are critical to a structure that is both long-lasting and a practical fit for your specific location. All rock must be hauled to the site from upland so logistics are important.

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