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Boat Lifts

There are many benefits to the investment of a boat lift. Watermark Marine offers New Hampshire boaters an array of boat lift options to choose from that allow greater assurance to protect your boat from seasonal weather changes, and offers more boating time over all. We choose the brands we carry with great care, and we believe these brands provide a similar philosophy to ours. Their products are second to none and make a great addition to any customer’s waterfront. You will be as proud to own one as we are to offer it to you.


When shopping for a boat lift, you’ll need to know

• The “wet” weight of your boat (most manufacturers list a boat’s “dry” weight, which does not include fuel, gear, accessories, or people)

• The water depth at your slip in the approximate location of the driver’s seat (while this doesn’t necessarily give us all the water depth information we’ll eventually need, it does let us know if there are any readily apparent issues that need to be addressed)

• The desired location for your lift(s). All boat lifts require a wetlands permit, so if you have a copy of your New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services-approved dock plan, that’s a great help. If not, we can schedule a site visit to look things over.


Sunstream Boat Lifts

Protect Your Boat with Sunstream Boat Lifts and Covers


We are proud to be the New Hampshire dealer for Sunstream boat lifts. With their rapid range of motion and extremely simple operation, you won’t find an easier lift to use!

Sunstream Sunlifit.jpg
Sunstream PWC mini.jpg

From their “Sunlift” model to their “Mini-Lift” model, Sunstream offers fast-acting hydraulic lifts in a wide range of sizes with many options. As the New Hampshire dealer for Sunstream lifts, we stock much of the product line at our store in Laconia. These “seasonal” lifts are easily permitted.


The video here demonstrates how easy a Sunstream boat lift is to operate


The first boat cover you’ll love to use!


Sunstream’s SwiftShield™ boat cover offers a number of features that include innovative design and one-touch convenience. Your boat will be uncovered and launched by the time you walk down the dock!


If you haven’t checked out the ABC, here is the video:

High Tide Lift.jpg

Hi-Tide Boat Lifts


Watermark Marine is the New Hampshire dealer for Hi-Tide boat lifts. With Hi-Tide offering more than 35 years of experience, Watermark Marine trusts the use of these types of lifts on many of our permanent dock designs. As they are considered “permanent” lifts, permit considerations may apply; we also use the lift-support mechanism to support a seasonal canvas canopy in many cases.

Hi-Tide Logo 2-20-15-EPS-COLOR.png
SS and seasonal cable lift combo.JPG

Custom Boat Lifts


Watermark Marine offers a range of custom boat lift solutions, like No Profile and Williamson boat lifts, for unique shorefront situations.

Hewitt Lift.jpg

Hewitt Boat Lifts

Rely on the Durability of Hewitt Boat Lifts


With more than 40 years in the business, Hewitt Manufacturing has a well-earned reputation for designing highly durable, low-maintenance, and easy-to-use products. Whether yours is a fishing boat, pontoon, personal watercraft, or high-performance speed boat, stop by a Watermark Marine location to learn more about which Hewitt lift is sized, equipped, and priced for your needs.


Designed to make installation and use as easy as possible, Hewitt boat lifts keep your watercraft convenient and ready for use. Additionally, Hewitt offers a wide assortment of accessories that provides shielding from New Hampshire’s seasonal weather changes.

Not sure where to start with choosing the best lift for your boating needs?
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