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Barge Services on New Hampshire Lakes

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With our mobile equipment, Watermark Marine is available to perform barge services on any lake in New Hampshire. Dredging, transportation, barge rental, pile driving, rock work, cribs, and much more—our state-of-the-art fleet of barges and equipment can do it all!


  • Need turn-key, start-to-finish barge services? Or logistics to your island or waterfront site? Watermark Marine can handle your entire project or work with you or your contractor to get the job done.


  • Our barges feature long, heavy-duty ramps on the bow so that we can get near shore and over the shoreline bank to access your property in an environmentally (and Department of Environmental Services) friendly manner. The Comprehensive Shoreland Protection Act, or CSPA, allows for a temporary 12-foot-wide path to DES-permitted projects on the mainland and a permanent 12-foot-wide path on islands accessible only by water.

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