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Seasonal Docks

Although the least expensive type of dock, seasonal docks can be the most work each season. Available in a variety of weights, seasonal docks range from simple, small structures to complicated heavy-duty commercial facilities; they are often supported by hand-driven metal pipes or work as floating dock sections. Seasonal docks are readily approvable by the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services Wetlands Bureau in the “seasonal structure” category.

Crank-Up Docks
Crank-Up 11-06.jpg

Crank up docks are considered “seasonal structures,” such docks are simply cranked up during the winter. Crank-up docks are readily permitable and are the easiest docks to remove and install each year. Another advantage of a crank-up dock is its stability and strength when down, thanks to its substantial hinge mechanism and cross-braced supports.


Crank-up docks feature a truss-frame aluminum construction with wood 4x6 tie posts and removable cedar decking panels. We fabricate our own docks so custom sizes are no problem. Once installed, crank-up docks take about half an hour to remove from the water – with no need for anyone to get wet. Nothing could be easier than a crank-up dock from Watermark Marine!

As crank-up docks are classified as “seasonal” by the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services, they are often the best option for areas where one cannot get approved for a permanent dock. And – thanks to Watermark’s lobbying efforts – the concrete pad on shore is also allowed under the relatively quick Permit-By-Notification, or PBN, process, which speeds up approval.


With crews working year round, we install crank-up docks even in the winter months – something no other company in the Lakes Region can say! By working during the winter and augering holes in the ice for tie-post fitment, we are able to have the entire project finished, ready for “ice-out,” with no spring delays.

Great Northern Docks

We are proud to be a dealer for Great Northern Docks of Maine. Stop by our Laconia or Sunapee retail stores to see Great Northern Docks’ line of seasonal docks in person and walk on one of the full-size display set up in the yard. We’ll even sell you the model so we can walk you through the disassembly process!


Great Northern Docks feature incredibly strong stanchions and braces, which means you will have the most secure and stabile dock around – and one that is lightweight, easy-to-install, and trusted to last for many years. There is simply no better seasonal-removable dock available!

GND feather lite.jpg
FeatherLITE Standard-Duty Aluminum Docks


Made in Maine by Great Northern Docks, FeatherLITE aluminum docks are designed to combine light weight and ease of assembly with affordability. The FeatherLITE dock is ideal for most small water bodies where light boats, such as pontoon boats, aluminum boats, and smaller fiberglass watercraft, are used. The FeatherLITE offers a 5-inch tubular frame, which offers superior strength against vertical load and twisting. Framing also includes decking support every 16 inches, compared to the industry norm of 24-inch spacing.

GND Dura lite.jpg
Premium Grade – DuraLITE Aluminum Docks


The DuraLITE™ aluminum dock is one of the strongest aluminum dock frames available in the market. With an 85-pound (4×10) frame and removable deck panels, installation can be done by one or two people. This Great Northern Dock is most suitable for use in medium to large water bodies, or for bigger recreational boats. With clean 6-inch sides and a heavy-duty anti-slip reveal on the top edges, aluminum frames the picture of your choice, rustic or modern decking. A great solution that allows the decking  finish to be custom matched to your home.

Hewitt Docks
Hewitt Dock.jpg

We are proud to offer docks from Hewitt Manufacturing to our customers. Highly regarded for their safety and durability, Hewitt offers a dock system ideally suited for the terrain and water characteristics of your property whatever it is.


Hewitt docks are low maintenance and designed to make installation and removal as easy as possible. Both aluminum and steel-frame docks make extensive use of engineered structural components to reduce weight without sacrificing strength. Aluminum models use 1/8-inch plate-aluminum along with center supports and crossbars for added strength.


Add-on sections and accessories provide opportunity for expansion and gives you the flexibility to create almost any dock layout you can imagine.

Custom Seasonal Dock Fabrication

Not sure that these seasonal dock options meet your vision?

We have designed and installed hundreds of docks around New Hampshire.

Call or e-mail Watermark Marine today with the details about your seasonal dock application and we’ll get started on guiding you toward the solution that is right for you!

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